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All support personnel and facilities are on site to ensure maximum responsiveness to customers' needs.

Vessel Berths

  • Two 1,000' (305 m) post panamax vessel berths.
  • 51' (15.54 m) water depth alongside at mean lower low water for trouble free vessel maneuvering 24 hours a day.
  • State of the art panelized energy absorption fendering systems and vessel fastening bollards, facilitate safe securing of vessels in all weather conditions.

Container Yards

  • 103 acre container yard.
  • 600 wheeled container/chassis slots for 20', 40' and 45' containers.
  • 7,500 TEU grounded container slots with 5-high stacking capability.
  • 884 reefer power stalls with 440 volt continuous power.
  • Terminal design is a simplified grid layout that is well marked and user friendly to truckers.

Intermodal Yard

  • 30-acre dedicated loading/unloading rail yard
  • 4 continuously welded tracks of 3,900 feet each on concrete ties.
  • Total of 15,600 feet of loading and unloading trackage.
  • 52 double-stack railcar capacity.
  • Concurrent container operations and rail switching to allow uninterrupted container loading and unloading.

Terminal Support Facilities

  • 12,083 sq. ft Maintenance & Repair Facility
  • 8,568 sq. ft Administrative Facility
  • 2,000 sq. ft Marine Support Facility