Washington United Terminals


Washington United Terminals (WUT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Merchant Marine America (HMMA) and opened in the spring of 1999. At that time the terminal was – 60 acres, 4 cranes, 2000’ of berth and an exclusive use on dock rail capacity for 26 rail cars. WUT’s original customers were HMM, MOL and APL (The New World Alliance). In year 2000, 2007 and 2009, WUT expanded its footprint, added cranes, lengthened the berth and doubled the on dock rail capacity.

Currently WUT is – 103 acres, 6 cranes, 2600’ of berth and capacity for 52 rail cars. Today’s customers are HMM, ONE, HLC and YML. WUT has a seasoned and experienced staff, many of which have been at WUT since opening. All of WUT’s staff is dedicated to customer service. WUT’s lease expires in 2033 and we continue to invest today and into the future to provide services to our valued customers.

Our History

  • Spring 1999

    Washington United Terminals opens for business. WUT’s customers were HMM, MOL, and APL.

    60 acres, 4 cranes, 2000’ of berth, on dock rail capacity for 26 rail cars

    30 year lease with the Port of Tacoma

  • 20 additional acres of CY space was added and the on dock rail capacity doubled.

    Spring 2000

  • Summer 2007

    20 more acres of CY space was added and the berth is lengthened by 600’.

  • 2 new Super Post Panamax cranes are added.

    Spring 2009

  • Summer 2012

    WUT welcomes the Grand Alliance liner members – Hapag Lloyd, NYK Lines and OOCL.

    Truck staging lanes are added to accommodate increased volume.

  • 13 acres is added next to truck staging area to receive and deliver empty containers.

    Summer 2013

  • Spring/Summer 2014

    The New World Alliance and the Grand Alliance form the G6 Alliance.

  • G6 Alliance dissolves. HMM maintains two services at WUT.

    Spring/Summer 2017

  • Spring 2019

    THE Alliance awards PN4 service to WUT.

  • HMM joins THE Alliance.

    Spring 2020

  • 2020 and Beyond

    The night sky is bright as WUT enters a new decade.

Washington United Terminals

Washington United Terminals