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We have many containers that are in closed areas. We will get these containers moved as soon as we can.

In the meantime, we urge you to continue checking the website (trucker access) to see if these have been moved to valid locations, rows [17, 27, 37, 57 or 77].

Once these containers get moved over, we will work with the shipping lines on having LFD extended.

Please contact steamship line for paying demurrage. Some steamship lines use emodal and others collect themselves.

Trucker access is not just for trucking companies. It is also for brokers, freight forwards and others that are tracking shipments, checking on bookings, empty availability, container availability and reprinting gate passes. It can also be used to track daily transactions by SCAC and receiving notifications when containers have been delivered or picked up.

Client log in is for Steamship lines only. It is where they check bookings, bill of ladings, rail import or export, equipment releases, gate activity, equipment inventory and reports.

Please contact the steamship line for all LFD (Last Free Day) inquiries and disputes.

Yes, appointments can be made through eModal

Appointments need to be made by noon the day prior.

An error message with orange, is a warning – you can continue with the appointment by clicking “okay”.

Please go to the contact us section under About WUT to email based on a specific subject or to the company directory for direct contacts.

For Import/Export questions please email clientsupport@uswut.com

Only decked imports in rows 17, 27, 37, 57, or 77 require appointments.

If the driver has a valid appointment, he will still be helped when arriving at the terminal.

If a load is over dimension and will not fit on one 40’ flat rack it could be considered Break Bulk. If the load fits within the length of a 40’ flat rack but is wider and/or taller it is generally considered OOG (Out of Gauge).

If a load is over 90,000lbs it could also be considered break bulk because it is beyond the lifting capacity of our yard equipment.

For Break bulk quotes please contact our Marine department (marine@uswut.com)

For OOG flip/handling costs please contact clientsupport@uswut.com

For Transload questions please email clientsupport@uswut.com

TMF stands for Terminal Mitigate Fee. WUT does not recognize this hold, please disregard it.

WUT’s gate closes at 1600

Please refer to the website: www.uswut.com click on trucker access

No, open tops and flat racks DO NOT require appointments.

Long Stay Handling Fee FAQ

NO, this applies to all local import containers that have been in available locations more than 5 days AND on dock 15 days or longer.

Yes, this applies to all local import containers that have been on dock 15 days or longer

The time starts from when the container discharges the vessel.

No, this is not a one-time fee.  After the initial charge, the fee will recur every 7 days.

Payment will need to be paid via eModal.

The trucker, shipper, consignee – whoever would like to have the container released.

Yes, it will apply to all local import containers on terminal 15 days or longer.

Updated Tariff Roadability

Please contact WUT Client Support for services not listed
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